Title Music Scene Journalist / Junior Marketer, Volunteer Position
Salary There will be opportunities to attend local shows
Job Information

Do you want to be a writer focused on empowering the grassroots music scene in London?

We’re looking for an ambitious writer to cover the local London music scene. We’re looking for individuals who embrace all kinds of music and are willing to get out of their comfort zone.

Are you a student that is looking to develop your portfolio and gain experience in the fields of journalism, arts and culture, and events management?

Develop your voice as a journalist alongside marketing and events professionals who can help you get there quicker. You will quickly become knowledgeable about the London music scene. You will also play a pivotal role in increasing awareness of local up-and-coming talent in your community through promoting London Covers. This is a great opportunity for young writers to start crafting their beat in the local music industry.

Do you want to work with a young, fun, and fast moving team?

Use your creativity and entrepreneurial skills to and make an impact on The Vibes team, and growing the local music scene. We’re interested in working with entrepreneurial thinkers that tell us what Vibes should be covering in the local community.

What kind of people do you look for to join the Vibes team?

We are looking for passionate individuals with high energy! You need to be smart and have ideas to contribute to the growth of The Vibes. You need to think fast and act faster. You need to have a positive can-do attitude and be a likeable team player. You need to be able to manage many projects and tasks, and be able to change direction on a moments notice as our start-up has new things to do. Most importantly, you need to be a self motivated.

Major Responsibilities:

Write blogs that provide value to musicians, music-lovers, and members of the local music community.

Write blogs that are good for search engines.

Develop content that draws awareness to local musical acts and major acts coming to London.

Job Details:

  • Attend local music events. Tickets will be provided to you on a case-by-case basis.
  • Write articles about the local music scene. Articles can have a varying range of topics.
  • Work with a copy editor to develop content based on The Vibes guidelines.
  • Articles should be 350-800+ words in length and well structured with bullet points, sub-headings etc and appropriate links
  • Basic knowledge of SEO is preferred but not required
  • All articles must be 100% authentic and original (no content spinning and repurposing from other sources)
  • This is a medium-long term opportunity to develop
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